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My mental health journey isn't over, but I'm telling my story of lived experience to help change attitudes and approaches to mental health. 


Who I've worked with


Mental health affects everyone either directly or indirectly. My goal is to positively impact the response to mental health issues in business, education and community.  

I have worked with schools, colleges, businesses, organisations and community group to help them hold meaningful dialogue around mental health that foster change to break the stigma.

As a Service User Governor for Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust I am able to offer unique insights into metal health response and recovery.  

As we begin to make our way out of the UK COVID-19 lockdown process it's the ideal time to think about the mental health of leaders, managers and core staff. I can help you develop mindfullness, self-care and return to work strategies with meaning.   

If you'd like to know more about how we can work together then please get in touch.

Public Speaking

Public speaking


Authentic and passionate I can cut to the heart of the mental health experience. As an advocate of “healthy body, healthy mind” I discovered running as part of my own recovery journey.

"We were fortunate enough to welcome Tom to speak to those at Associated British Foods head office. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many individuals stating that they had never heard someone talk so openly and honestly about themselves before. His presentation was inspirational and several of our employees reached out to Tom directly to inform him as such and thank him for his bravery."

- Ben Grinyer, HR Advisor

Associated British Food plc.


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Staring down at his hands, all Tom could see was blood. He could feel it dripping down his face and soaking through his clothes. In reality, there was no blood, just snot and floods of tears from a man in psychosis, terrified and convinced that he could see something that wasn't there. Trying to reassure Tom that he was safe, his partner Amber frantically called the crisis team to ask for help. After months of intervening in Tom's suicide attempts, and trying to reason with the voices in his head, for her, this was a well-rehearsed routine, but it was exhausting. When would it end? Would Tom ever get better? What would the future hold for this young couple?

Surviving the war against yourself is the true story of a couple's journey through mental illness and its devastating impact on their life. In a brutally honest account of fear, pain, love and hope, Tom shares what it was like for him to suffer mental illness and Amber opens up about her life as his carer.


As much a love story as a story about mental health. We really don't think enough as a society about the people who have to live with the mental illness of others. 

- Alistair Campbell,
Former Downing Street Press Secretary

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