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Lea Dunning, Pennine Way 1984

Close to my Heart

 In the height of my depression, I did everything I could to erase my existence off this planet. Being fogged by self-harm and negative ideation I couldn't see any way out except the obvious - I felt like there was no return and no hope in my own recovery.

I would do everything I could to become a statistic of something which looking back, I believe is one of the most preventable outcomes within mental ill-health

In 2021, over 5500 completed suicides in the UK were recorded - We can help change that; one tag at a time.

Operation Samaritan

Operation Samaritan

This project is fuelled through the collective power of the running community to help prevent attempted and completed suicides in their local area. The running community consisting of ordinary people, like you and me; wanting to make a change and support those who may be suffering in silence when they need to be heard the most.

Starting conversations and prevention suicides is the name of the game and I cannot do this alone;  This is where you come in.

You dont need to be a runner to get involved. You never have to be the fastest, most athletic or run the farthest - Run because you want to and what makes you happy. 

Go for a walk, run, cycle, swim or what ever you enjoy to get active, place one of these tags in your area and keep me informed where they are. We can make a difference, and along as it even saves just one life - Its worked. 

The Rules
Lea Dunning, Pennine Way 1984

Want to get involved?

Every tag helps prevent loss of life

Thank you for your support!

What are the rules?

1. Strictly no tags to be placed on memorials or landmarks.

2. Do it while getting active! walking, running, cycling or however you want! 

3. Tell me where you have placed them to be added to this page, linked to your socials and the map!

The team


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