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The MHR Champion Award


The MHR Champion award recognises individuals who continually demonstrate positive mental health and using running as a tool for Recovery, Wellbeing and inspiration.

It's something to show appreciation to those who love what they do and work tirelessly to help de-stigmatise mental illness, provide support and most importantly: help others foster courage, willing and strength when they need it most.

These individuals literally save lives and help inspire, motivate and kickstart others recovery which I truly believe is their superpower.

The Mental health Runner Champion Award
How can you get involved?

How Can You Get Involved?

Submit your nomination in the form below for award consideration!

Thanks for submitting!

Social media such as Instagram and TikTok will be looked at and a shortlist will be made each month for final consideration - You can also nominate others who you believe deserve the award here!


The Award Values

The values below are everything which this award stands for. Its recognition for those doing what they can to help save and change lives for the better; Helping improve their local communities no matter how big or small.

Lea Dunning, Pennine Way 1984



Alongside the Champion Award, these amazing support partners are providing little gifts along the way! Of all the winners of the month, an extra little gift (Depending on availability) Will be given to a winner at random.

These are companies which I have personally used and still do to this day so to share them with a winner is fantastic!

A huge heart felt thank you from my self and Amber for helping make these awards happen!

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