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The Pennine way - A story 37 years in the making.

In 1984, a Rochdalian by the name of Lea Dunning conquered 267 miles across two countries also known as the Pennine way. This man to me I'm incredibly proud to also know as Dad.

As a child living in Whitby and beyond we would go walking, hiking and camping which injected a passion for nature and the country side in my blood. Passing over the Pennines to see family in Rochdale, Oldham and Manchester I have always said to my self one day I will do that too. 2021 is that year. This is for me to follow in my father's footsteps but also for YOU. See we all know I've been suicidal in the past; been in a position where I thought the only way out was at the end of a rope or the bottom of a pill box - it's taken a long time but I'm in a different place now, world's apart even. If your going starting your mental health battle, continuing to do so or in the end of recovery - this is for you to show that although it feels like it's the end, it really isn't and once your in recovery, the world is still waiting for you to conquer it whatever it takes I've learned the Transformative power of the run, what it does to people and especially my self and what it means to me to Runhappy . It's been a hell of a journey so far and I be damned if I let up now 😁

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