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"Do it! Just do it!; Dont let your dreams be dreams." - Shia LaBeouf (1986 - Present)

Hows it going people!

First of all... A MASSIVE SORRY!

This project has still been going on in the background, or mainly on the Instagram page but for those who are still here, thank you so much for sticking around its greatly appreciated!

If you have been present on the Instagram page, you will have noticed that I took part in a little thing called TEDxyouth. Now, for those who don’t know what a "TEDxyouth" is or what even a "TED" is, here is the official description:

"TED is a nonpartisan nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 110 languages"- As accessed on 26/11/2018 (

So, this thing is quite big, like Mega big, like life changing big.

So, what is a TEDxyouth? I hear you cry in excited jubilation?! A “TEDx” is a TED talk which is independently organized but under the TED license, hence those with an algebraic background; x is an "unknown" or a unit which we can give meaning too (Like X=2 ... I don’t know, hopefully you get what I mean.) so in this case the TEDxyouth, is essentially a TED talk which is independently organized and is aimed at young adults.

Now when I first applied I’ll be honest, it’s been something which has been on my mind to do for a while. I've got a few stories to tell and I thought public speaking would be a good start to sharing the story. Little did I know, I would be stood in a room full of strangers telling in detail a specific survival story!

Its single handed THE best thing I have ever done.

All the way through writing my script to presenting, and then even doing it was such an immense experience which is to be quite honest, is hard to describe.

Somehow the curators not only brought together a unique set of individuals ranging from a scientist, a poet and a lawyer (there is a joke in there somewhere) to building a foundation on which an amazing family has been born - AKA : “The Bathmat Bond”.

Now this being said, As soon as I stood up essentially told my story in the first rehersal; its was hard, so hard as much as I thought do I really need to do this?

“Yes you do. You don’t only need this, everyone needs to hear this.”

I HATE BEING IN A CROWDED SPACE. Never mind being associated in a crowd. As soon as one of the talkers said to me “Your first…” my heart dropped. Here we go, history serves me that as soon as im the focal point for a group of people, an onslaught of abuse. I mean, why would this be any different? These people later became family. They accepted me, and I accepted them. This hasn't happened for about three years-ish? 

I actually looked forward to learning and polishing my presentation. I looked forward to presenting it fully. I looked forward to meeting up with new friends.

So fast forward the learning, and onto the presenation. The Big Day.

No nerves at all.

I was in the presence of my new friends, we had each others backs, we all wanted the same thing, Success.

Somehow, we had all bonded into some kind of family who no mater what, we had the support of eachother. What was this feeling? This feeling of acceptance? This feeling of pride and passion? or just a feeling of forboding that at any point, they will turn on me. Remember, History doesnt bode well for me.

After the TEDxyouth talk was complete, I had hugs off all my fellow cast members; I had the public come to me and tell me how amazing my story was and how it can have such a massive effect - This really was a new beginning for me. The last thing which cemented my new position on, well Life; we all went for a drink after. A drink between friends; A drink with family.

My presenation is going to be avalible on youtube and the TED website soon as its still in post-production, but if you look at the end, there is a small gallery of photos from the event (PhotoCredit - TEDxBrayfordpool)

I am incredibly lucky to have had the chance to have this experience, and one which will last with me for a life time. Thank you so much to both the curators who took a chance on me and my story and wanting to put it ou there as a TEDx talk. Thank you to my wife who has spent the nights with me writing the script with blood, sweat and many tears (also words, which many of were, made up)... and last but not least - Thank you to my friends; words cannot begin to describe how thankful I am.

If your thinking about taking the plunge and doing a TED/TEDx talk, do it; it WILL change your life.

Thank you for reading and again, sorry to have had such a long time off! Next weeks entry is going to be back running! so to we the appetite on that... heres a photo of my album cover! (There is no album coming out, just looks exactly like an album cover.)

Lots of love MentalHealthRunner 

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