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The Mental Health Runner

Welcome to my website – Mental Health Runner!

I suffer with various mental health issues and passionate to break down the walls of mental health stigma, which I did, some sometimes still do, have to work against. I’m active in the world of mental health and do my bit to talk about my mental health issues in a way to help normalise the conversation on a perfectly natural thing.

Throughout my condition and personal journey through the unknown depths of mental health; those closest to me supported me, and even kept me alive.

After a year of being diagnosed and suffering with PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder and severe anxiety disorder, I have learnt to recover and control my various conditions and even use them to my positive gain (Hence this website).

My partner Amber stood by me as I put her through years of hell; months of suicide attempts and weeks of being possibly the worse person on earth. She is my foundation, my rock and now my wife!

Throughout the journey of, what can only be described as hell, I became destructive and coped with my emotions by comfort eating causing my weight to skyrocket to 23 St 6lb. With my newfound passion for running and exploring, I lost 7 and a half stone within 8 months to a now comfortable 16 stone. With this, I am now evermore present on social media providing a platform of inspiration for those not only with mental health issues, but also for those wanting to lose weight.

I am also the author of "Surviving the War against yourself"

Although my mental health issues are still there, I’m on a mission – A mission of breaking down the walls of mental health stigma.

I am, the Mental Health Runner.


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