Surviving The War Against Yourself - AVALIBLE NOW!

February 9, 2020

"Staring down at his hands, all Tom could see was blood. He could feel it dripping down his face and soaking through his clothes. In reality, there was no blood, just snot and floods of tears from a man in Psychosis, terrified and convinced that he could see something that wasn't there. Trying to reassure Tom that he was safe, his partner Amber frantically called the crisis team to ask for help. After months of intervening in Tom's suicide attempts, and trying to reason with the voices in his head, for her, this was a well-rehearsed routine, but it was exhausting.


When would it end? Would Tom ever get better? What would the future hold for this young couple?

Surviving the war against yourself is the true story of a couple's journey through mental illness and its devastating impact on their life. In a brutally honest account of fear, pain, love and hope, Tom shares what it was like for him to suffer mental illness and Amber opens up about her life as his carer."


This is easily by-far one of the hardest things I've done. Writing skills aside and with it being my first book, Its been a weird one developing this title. 


The book, to put it simply is both sides of the mental health journey - Amber, the Carer and Myself, the sufferer. 


On my side, it is my entire life story from the age of four, to today. It is a no holds bared - no stone unturned -  account of my journey though mental health. While on Ambers side, its from when we met to the present day. The idea is that the narrative is linear, but its two separate stories. We wanted to create something which ANYONE can read and hopefully draw some similarities on either the sufferer or carer to start the conversation of mental health.


I believe this is something which will truly help anyone and I am so proud to now not only be a published author, but how far myself and my amazing wife have really come. If 1 in 4 people suffer with a mental health problem, There is always three others who can help save a life!


We really hope you enjoy the title!


Now available for pre-order at Waterstones and Amazon - Paperback and Kindle!


 Clicking the image will open a new window to the book!














(Sorry for not being very present on the blog! I'm hoping now this amazing book is complete, I can get some more time on here! Love to you all!)

Stay strong, Stay safe


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