Music and Mental Health - 10 songs to help empower your workout and improve your day.

August 11, 2018

"One good thing about music, is when it hits you, you feel no pain." - Bob Marley


Research suggests that when listening to music you enjoy, the brain releases the feel good chemical Dopamine; and in fact its 9% higher in individuals listening to their favorite tracks than that of people not listening to music. Music is much more than just a sound, its a therapy.


I use music for the obvious crutch in my running but also on those days where "life just gets a bit too much" it is that loving embrace which you just can't get at that moment in time. This is a list of 10 tracks I use to help to keep me uplifted and get through the day!

1. Get better - Frank Turner (Anxiety and Empowerment)


"I'm gonna fight for this four-square feet of land like a mean old son of a bitch!"


Every morning on the daily commute, When I feel my anxiety levels creeping or just generally had a bad start to the day. Put this on, Turn it up and Scream out the lyrics like a viking battle cry. Your going to war with the day, Lets make it ours!

2. Stronger - Kanye west (Depression and Empowerment)


"Not that that dont kill me, Can only make me stronger"


Although being in the media for (Mostly) negative press, Stronger sees Kanye West telling us to put two fingers to the world and give us the passion, empowerement and make want to cry out that no matter what the world throws at us, were still here and its made us stronger than ever!

 3. Titanium - David Guetta Ft. Sia (Empowerment and motivation)


"You shoot me down, but I wont fall; I am Titanium"


One of David Guetta's classics, Titanium tell the world that no matter what, we wont be beaten!



4. Born This way - Lady Gaga (Empowerment and motivation)


"Rejoice and love yourself today, 'Cause baby you were born this way"


Amongst other songs that Lady Gaga has produced over the years, This one right here is much like number 1 on our list. I dare you not to dance to this rack when its turned up high!


5. Sissy that walk - RuPaul (Empowerment)


"And if I fly, or if I fall, Least I can say I gave it all!"


This isn't the first song RuPaul has releaced on self love and being proud of who you are, but this one song is not only in my current running playlist, it's one I can rely on with a good dance beat to cheer me up, empower and get motivation to show the world who I am and what I've conquered.

 6. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World (Empowerment)


"Hey, don't write yourself off yet, Its only in your head that you feel left out or looked down on, Just do your best"


An upbeat rock song who's message is to not let any of those heaters or anyone in general put you down. Just do your best and do what you can and you can conquer anything.

7. I Belive I Can Fly - R. Kelly (Motivation)


"If I can see it, then I can do it; If I just belive it, theres nothing to it!"


Origionally written for the snimated and live action classic "Space Jam" no one would have thought that this absoulte belter of a track would be still used to this day as a motivational peice. On a personal note, whenever the basketball team who i played for was playing a game, I would make every effort to cant center court and turn this up to eleven to kill the anxiety and get into the game. Arguably, its not a bad manta to live by either!

8. The Next Storm - Frank Turner (Empowerment)


"Im not gonna live the whole my life indoors, I'm gonna step out, and face the next storm"


Another entry of Frank Turner on our list, and it is too good to leave off. Frank turner's "The next storm" gives lines which you just want to scream out and grab life by the balls!

9. A little Rain (A Song For Pete) - Arkells (Motivation and positive outlook)


"When the rain starts comming down, A little rain ain't bringing me down"


On the days where im not really in a great place, this is always being played in repeat, Great track and a great meaning behind the lyrics too!


10. You Are The Best Thing - Ray LaMontagne  (positive outlook)


"You know I hope and pray, That you belive me, When I say this love will never fade away."


Has a great upbeat tune and its impossible to not have a smile on your face and have a happy swager in your step!


Well that's it of this list! I'm going to make these every so often as a way to help get that inner fighter on us all to come out to help with recovery, inspiration and motivation. Have a song you want on this next list? Feel free to get in touch though the "Contact" page or thorugh @Mental_Health_runner on instagram!


There is a post incoming tomorrow on what an absolute roller coaster this week has been so keep an eye out for that one!

Until then, 

Stay Strong, Stay Safe
MentalHealthRunner x

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