“I like it warm…but I don’t like it this warm!”

July 11, 2018

If there was ever an event I've run which is comparable to the battle of my own psyche, the Lincoln 10Km did just that!

Welcome to a new month, and the start to the second week in July! This week’s entry I’m going to well honestly, expand on the first sentence! Mentions of mental health runner in the local press and also that of my second park run!


Before all that, I just want to say that the third video about borderline personality disorder is currently online on youtube! All three will be available to watch on YouTube via the Media tab!





Lincoln 10Km

The excitement of my first event after injury was huge, it was almost to the same degree of being 12 years old again on the 24th of December! The Lincoln 10km was put together by the company “RunForAll” and spreads across other cities such as Leeds and Burnley to name a few.

From the outset, the events start time was brought forward by an hour (9:30am start) because of the incredibly heat wave were currently getting all over the UK. They put on an extra water station and even a sponge station to help the runners of all abilities to complete the entire distance!


Enter 9:15 AM, I’m stood in my pen awaiting the horn to sound to say we can get underway and the temperature already was a stifling 22 degrees, little did I know by the time of completion the temperature would shoot up to 29! Okay so some readers who are not in the UK may laugh at this, but for us brits – to use a popular British phrase – “I like it warm…but I don’t like it this warm!”


The pride of the starting horn going off and all the spectators shouting and cheering as you run past, especially coming back from the injury brought a smile on my face pretty much the entire distance! It really hit home the community spirit when even families who just happened to live on the route stood on their front lawns and sprayed the runners with a mist from the hose pipes to keep everyone cool; no matter what race, religion, creed or background – Everyone was together, everyone was supportive; dare I say it, everyone was happy.

 You might be wondering how I compared this to the battle of my psyche and depressive illness… well its mostly how I saw myself running the race. Like I’ve said, it was hot! Half way around I started seeing sign of “retiree refuge” and I started to crumble. At times I was thinking how hard this is getting, especially with the soaring temperatures  and the metaphorical devil on the shoulder saying “You need to stop, it can be all over, you don’t need to feel like this” started to shadow the feeling of how during my times of need, I had these thoughts. “You need to stop this now, End your life, you can be happy when it’s all over.”


Once I drew the comparisons on this, boom motivation. I beat the place of self hatred, suicide and isolation – I can beat this. This was no longer about timings and beating my personal best. This was war, this was war against me; I can and will do this.


Finish time (chip time) – 54:18


Thank you so much to RunForAll for putting together and going ahead with this event. The Fire has well and truly been relit for my love for running events! And consider me signed up for next year! Not forgetting the heroes who came out in thousands to cheer, support and also cool down everyone as they made their way around the course!! Finally, Well done to all those running and got across the finish line!


Mentions in the local press

Every month we get a local news magazine for the villages around where MentalHealthRunner HQ is; this I was approached by the editor of this magazine who spotted myself sharing the mental health runner message on the larger news website "Lincolnshire live". From this I wrote my own article which is a brief description of me and the mission of this blog and well... have a look at it bellow! :)



Starting this section off, im not going to lie; I was worried that the saturday after my first parkrun I was going ot opt for the lay in bed for saturday morning. Two weeks later I'm officially addicted to parkrun and said good bye to the lazy saturday mornings! (There's worse addictions to have I suppose!)


In ParkRun 2 i went out again just ot have fun, keep the engine ticking over as it was and get use to the track. Running along in my own world i started talking to a gentleman who used to work in the armed forces (Im really sorry, I've forgotten your name!!) and for the next 30 minuets just ran at the same space, talked about whatr we had in common with myself having most my family in various arms of the armed forces and generally just had a nice chat.

Thats what I love about the running community. Everyones there for the same thing, to run for them selves and enjoy it. Okay some people use it as training and to better them selves, or even yet to prove a point; but if you really drill down into the depths of it, everyone running wants to have fun and enjoy. This is exactly what Parkrun has instilled in myself. From arriving at my first parkrun I was anxious, could go as far to say I was scared; especially how I mentioned I felt like I was entering someone elses world.


I now wake up on saturday mornings looking forward to the next event, confident and proud that im part of something I not only enjoy, but see its also being used as a form of therapy for those suffering with a mental health condition.


So thats it for this week! sorry its abit late as its been abit of a busy week, but there will be a new one this weekend, im aiming for saturday as sunday I'll be "Traveling Dan Saff" to the British 10Km around westminster! Representing #TeamSundried!

 Stay Strong, Stay Safe!
MentalHealthRunner x






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