"Patients to be Prescribed "Parkrun"..."

June 23, 2018

Welcome to the weekend! grab a brew, sit back and relax, you've earned it!


This weeks theme of the blog is Anxiety and ParkRun! a free event where everyone is there to achieve a Personal best, enjoy their run and even just to make new friends!


This is a Part one - There is going to be a follow up blog in the next few days with some video entertainment: My mental health - BPD how I suffer, how I cope. so keep an eye out for that!


Getting us going then, Lets talk about Parkrun.


If you didn't already know, Park run is a free event to take part in with many events across the UK and around the world! Many people see the event as a must do while on holiday or visiting the city as it helps accumulate the amount of runs completed and of course, a great form of exercise! Gotta love that runners high! 


Registration is Free to enter and every race on a Saturday morning is free too! (I'm not sure if its a different date or time in different areas but its always free) so its great that you can meet people with the same passions and sometimes there for the same reasons as you are!


When you have registered you get a collection of barcodes as a means to help track your times and positions in a way to help motivate and also means of recording progress. Again, its free and run by volunteers!!


I personally registered last year, printed my allocated barcodes off and didn't really go until today. Given I was bigger and at my heaviest,the anxiety has really played over and over in my head; especially like when i stated in my video on Anxiety, how hard it is for me to join into a group of people - Even when I feel like I'm simply an illegal immigrant within their own world.

Last night in all honesty I thought to my self, "well I'm doing a run tomorrow, lets just go for it." When I arrived this morning there was over 500 people in attendance which strait away It dawned on me. Doing my stretches and waiting by the new starters post, I felt an overwhelming quilt of foreboding being draped across me while I thought people wouldn't accept me, That I'm a newbie in their weekly routine.


I needed not to be worried after all - Actually felt foolish in the end. The overall atmosphere is electrifying. An acceptance within the ranks of walkers, joggers, runners and sprinters and feeling like well, without being dramatic... Home.


people actually approached me and started off having a conversation, not just about running but about the news, world cup football and even just "Are you doing the Lincoln 10km next week?" Just like if they had welcomed me into their own home and popped the kettle on!


I left the event sodden in sweat (Steady run but boy was it hot!) but the blanket of acceptance draped across my shoulders.


If you do suffer with Anxiety, this is an amazing way to help the baby steps to recovery. It will be scary at first as I found it but just being out in the open, with those who are complete strangers but just ooze support and motivation help drive you to achieve your goal in recovery and fitness. 


On a final note - The more runs you do, you get rewarded with running shirts showing off your achievement and commitment to parkrun! Free events and you get rewarded! 


Moving onto the last bit about the health benefits.


So early in the week an article popped up on my phone about a new prescription which COULD be available for the treatment on depression. I'm sure you'll all be surprised when I say its Parkrun!


That's right, and to be sure I didn't make this up, dream it or just out right lying to you, here's a screen shot.


 Although for me, medication does keep me on the strait and narrow; the running is just a bonus to my mood to be honest. But I think given how mental health and exercise is now getting the right press it deserves, it speaks volumes where medical professionals are seriously considering this! 

(Also helps the NHS out which our government is failing - but that is an entirely different conversation!)


So, That is an update this week! The biggest news for me in regards to mental health and fitness! hopefully this spurs your self on to attend a park run event, hell if your in Lincoln and doing it next Saturday... Come say hi!

As ever, Thank you so much for reading and your loyal support. It really fuels the passion and drive! and a huge thank you to Parkrun across the volunteers, organizers and the participants!


Have an amazing and healthy weekend
Stay strong, Stay safe
MentalHealthRunner x


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