Never in my life, would I associate my name next to "Athlete"...

June 17, 2018

Been a busy few weeks! Buckle up, make a brew, Its a long entry today!


So this blog entry is going to be fairly bulky so I've split it up into separate sections, chapters, stanzas what were you want to call them! It will return to be weekly from this week! (Sorry!)


Sundried clothing ambassador

Starting with amazing news! Never in my life, while at my heaviest or even now at my fittest, would I associate the word athlete and the name Thomas Dunning! I mean, me; an athlete! HA! I'm absolutely honored to be a brand ambassador for a active clothing company called "Sundried"!



The company is amazing from the sustainable use of materials to create their products, to even supporting charities and ideologies alike. One of their products is even made out of reclaimed coffee grounds and is easily one of the best running shirts I own.


I'm extremely proud to be a brand ambassador and to have them working along side us in the fight against mental health stigma.


I thoroughly suggest checking out their store by clicking the image bellow. Also, if you enter DUNNING at the check out, feel free to get a massive 50% off ANYTHING in their store!!

Injury update

If your anything like me, im now getting fed up with the old ankle injury so i'll keep it relatively short.


as seen on my instagram and social media, I've been doing some light exersize when I havent been at work (weekends) because that's what I was told to do... Well, latest update is that from my ultrasound scans on the ankle im not supposed to run AT ALL, so im back to square one.


To quote the consultant - "Your running?! im supprised your even walking!" - guess that can't be good then. Looks like I back to physiotherapy when I can then!


Mental health related though its not going too good; the whole angst buildup is there again and what worries me is its just a ticking time bomb, one ready to go off on a whim - That scares the hell out of me.


( There was going to be a picture of the ultrasounds here... but well £40 is abit steep for a photo of somthing which I actually own )



Mental Health awareness videos

This week I started on a side project which I announced last week on Instagram; this is a series of short videos discussing my diagnosis-es (If that's a word?) and how I cope.


The idea behind these videos is to hopefully help those suffering in related illnesses (BPD, PTSD and anxiety) to seek help, get a voice and to just know that it is okay, to not be okay. I have moments i'm ashamed about and how I view myself negatively and I want to share those moments with you to again help those suffering in silence.


These videos are literally me and my phone, don't expect any production value in them haha! But to view them currently they are on my Instagram page which is linked on this website; but in the near future I will compile them and keep them together on here for everyone to view! 


In the mean time, See bellow for the first of three videos - Anxiety and me.


Possible new media coverage

A village local to my self (Near me) has a monthly published glossy mag full of local events and news and they've contacted me in question to write an article about what im trying to achive here on mental health runner!


Ive sent in the article and im keeping the cards close to my chest - its actually something im quite proud of and must thank the wife for helping to write it :D


As soon as i find out if were in it, Be ready for an update on Instagram!!

Football League win!

When I started the lakeside imps Football club last year, never would i have thought we would be two times championship winners! I'm even surprised the team lasted this long, were no professional team but hey, we get the job done! Although I only played 4 games out of 10 due to injury, Its a great feeling to step into a more managerial role to lead the team to success!

Okay, it was a team effort and everyone had their part to play but I'm just incredibly proud to have had some help and input to leading the team to victory for the second time! Up the lakeside! 



Thats it for this entry! Thank you all so much for reading and this will now be a comon entry from here on in! thanks for sticking by me and lets get MentalHealthRunner out there!

On a personal note - Thank you so much to my family and friends for making my birthday incredible. i may only be 27 years old, but Im so lucky to have you all in my life.

Stay Strong, Stay Safe
MentalHealthRunner x

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