A week of ups and downs, culminating in period of rememberance

May 25, 2018

Before I begin, sorry!!! it's been a trying week this week with a lot of change and some great things around the corner so I've only just managed to get a blog entry done!


Welcome to 25th May's edition of the blog!

Because it's such a big update this one is in sections; these are:


1) Recovery progression

2) Recent drive of  the MentalHealthRunner message

3) Awesome news coming soon!!


Recovery Progression

Let's start with the injury recovery...

The past four weeks since the accident have been one hell of a journey; going from being a runner and being very active for the past 9 months to nothing. To have that one escape taken away from you in a cruel practical joke played by life like the metaphorical school bully stooping over the top of an ant hill with a magnifying glass on a hot Summer's day.


The first two weeks wern't too bad in comparison with the latter two. The last two my head wasn't playing ball. I know how to recognise and control the effects not having an outlet has on my mental health but I could feel things getting worse. I didn't go into psychosis, but definitely felt low and was starting to get a bit stressed.


As I was slowly spiralling into a small rut of dispair, I went straight to Amber and talked. After all, that is the kind of message I want to give out through this blog. Still the stress was building but the only outlet I had was talking, and thankfully my best friend, my life partner was there. The media helped slightly as it allowed me to share what I had been through previously and helped to take my mind off things. (More about that later...) Truth is, these past few weeks has just fortified my technique for keeping myself well and my passion and drive to help people to talk about what they're feeling, after all... it's okay to not be okay.


Fast forward to the Fracture Clinic at Lincoln hospital...


As it turns out my ankle is making a good recovery! The doctor consulted my previous scans and made the call that I didn't need any more. He produced the various scans I had and showed me the ligaments on the scan which were partially torn and said how lucky I was to not fully tear them; it looked like a dough ball being torn in two but not tearing it clean in half. He suggested that I now start to build the muscle in the ankle to strengthen the ligaments.


He went on to say that I can finally drive again as I've now got a new piece of hardware known as an ankle stirrup (well it's more of an ankle splint). Rather than isolating the joint into one place, it gives some movement so that I can now step; it just isolates the lateral movement so as not to cause a twist or roll movement to the joint. I do however need to go for an ultrasound scan of my ankle just to ensure that the recovery process is going the way they are expecting.




Following the Fracture Clinic appointment, I've been signed back to work! I return next Tuesday but on light duties. The plan is that I can drive with the stirrup on but have to wear the boot in the day. In two weeks time I then ditch the boot and use the stirrup full time. I've been given an hour of LIGHT exercise a day so hey: im jogging!! :D



Recent drive of the MentalHealthRunner message

Remember earlier that I said the media had allowed me to talk about my experiences?  The Lincolnshire Echo (Lincolnshire regional press) also known as Lincolnshire Live picked up this website and my Instagram account and asked for an interview! So of course I went ahead and did it. It's an incredible feeling that this website is being recognised in the press! Okay, its not quite the national news like the ITV interview I did a few years ago, but this still is big.

(Click the image below to be taken to the article! - This is also going to be put in the 'useful links' tab on here when I get chance.)




To say that I'm proud of this website is an understatement and all of the messages I've had through both here and on Instagram just helps fuel the fire to drive the message that we need to be having a conversation about mental health. Thank you all so much for your kind words of support and gratitude.


Moving on from the press: you may have seen that in the past week, my Instagram has been busy with uploads. I have had the pleasure of doing a little collaboration with "JoyForJan" where I've shared some advice around battling depression and my mental illness, and I also featured on their Instagram story feed! (See below.) JoyforJan is an Instagram page trying to share others' stories, coping mechanisms and ideologies to try and prevent suicide. You should definitely go and check it out and help support if you can! (I've linked the image below to their page)




Awesome news coming soon!


Next week, I'm bringing you something incredible. Something which im bursting at the seems to tell you about... something which I can't belive is happening.

That is literally all I can say right now... all abord the hype train!


See you all in a few days, for those in the UK: have an awesome bank holiday and to everyone: feel free to give me a message on Instagram or through my 'contact' page! I read every message and do my best to reply as soon as I can!


As always: Stay Strong, Stay Safe
MentalHealthRunner xx


Dedicated to my brother: William Bonner who passed away 9 years ago today. Always in my heart.

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