Recovery with a side order of cabin fever...

May 3, 2018

Everyday for the past week: wake up, ankle exercise, website, work paperwork, dinner, bed. This is now starting to get to me... were animals of structure and routine.. and this is rubbish.


to the point my mood dipped quite a bit yesterday to where i had a little tear to myself. thought "right, i need to do something about this." opened some windows, got some air flowing through an almost instantly, that helped!


I REALLY cannot wait until I'm able to run again...


But I digress, Hello! positive Tom here and thanks for bearing with me while I did the big update which has been plastered all over my Instagram and Facebook pages; and a huge welcome to those who have just subscribed to the website! (not forgetting those coming back! thank you so much!)



So besides the updates, which are too many to mention (ill do another blog on all the changes/improvements/additions) I've been focusing on my recovery not only to running, but getting back to work. Got to say I'm so thankful for my workplace being so supportive and checking up on my recovery. Plenty of work related paperwork to get assessed when I'm back so like I always say, Positive Mental Attitude!


The recovery so far has come really good! I'm starting to walk without crutches for a short time now and can feel some strength coming back. The disgusting thing is that I can feel how weak the ankle has become; I've got no balance in it as if I've been sat on it for about 3 years.

Every day I work those these 7 pages of ankle exercises to prevent the ankle form stiffening up. Given time i know it will get better and I've set the goal of being there running again. Its a project if you will, a project with an achievable end game (especially since its now running season!)


Looking around and my next goal is to hopefully be fit and running by the 2nd week in June; not only for my birthday, but so on the 24th I can do the Humber Bridge half marathon - I've not entered it yet though just in case!


Now the ones I have entered are the Lincoln 10km and the British 10km in London, both taking place in July! words could not express how devastated I would be if i didn't get recovered for then! 

If you haven't yet, have a look at the British 10Km. I love London, makes me feel patriotic for being English, but also incredible to see our heritage and multi-cultural we have become! The route takes you through major landmarks and the beautiful, tourist attracting locations with live music almost around every corner!


plus its also a nice little weekend for me and the wife to go away!



These next coming weeks I need to focus on everything like a circus plate spinner going for the world record...My mental health is taking a tumble and i can help but feel as if I'm putting weight on. I probably am, but its making me feel self conscious; not the best ingredient for someone who has an anxiety disorder eh!


with this in mind, PMA (positive mental attitude) and resilience will be playing their part and active role in what could become not just a physical recovery, but a mental health recovery also - I'll be buggered if I'm going back to that place!


So that's the latest update! thank you all for subscribing, reading and returning to what is now starting to blow up! The website now has had over 300 hits in the past 3 days of the big updates going live so I must be doing something right?!


Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Stay strong, Stay safe!


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