"Wiggle, Your big toe..."

April 29, 2018

one week consisting on a gig (Frank Turner) and my mother coming back from Spain... now its all over, the boredom is starting to set in...




Wednesday finally came about like I mentioned in the last blog that this was the day for my fracture clinic appointment; where the harsh reality wold be setting in on how long I'm going to be out of running and also off work for.


Eventually saw a doctor and he suggested I go for some more tests, so on i hopped on my crutches went to X-ray and then waited back in the appropriately named "Waiting room." Eventually being called through to the plaster room I figured to my self, "Huh, guess I'm getting it potted up?!" with the mild annoyance of not actually knowing what is going on.




laying on the bed, wife by my side and crutches safely on the floor, the nurse who led me into the room asked me if I knew what I had done. "Not a clue, I've not seen the doctor since my scans." he then informed me it was a level two sprain and lucky to not have to go to surgery for, well surgery. Turns out two of the ligaments which help control the foot movement have snapped, not form the bone but from the middle and now it is just rest, keep it elevated and apply an ice pack.

RICE: Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. 


The nurse did say about some exercises I could do like wiggling my toes, then try to move my ankle when the splint is off... only problem was I couldn't. This could take some time...he gave me a boot splint for my ankle and well that's that, away I went.




So that was Wednesday... a few days on and well, its fair to say I'm struggling. I've learnt to speak to people over my years to help vent my frustration and also to just prevent keeping things in and snowballing into a bigger problem. I'm incredibly worried about putting all that weight back on and about what I'm eating. My exercise is now zero, zilch...nada; and all that pent up energy its really getting to me. Amber doing everything around the house while I'm laying there with my foot up. Damn I hate not being able to do anything.


For the first time in months, I'm actually starting to feel down; like being stuck in a rut and i have no ladder to escape with. I know this Isn't the case as it will only be a few weeks, but having that one thing you held on for, something which you were good at and you enjoyed to be taken away by life's seagull swooping down and taking my last seaside donut...


(Yep, that actually happened when I was younger... anyone ever think your life has had layers and instances of foreshadowing for the horrid abyss which you'll eventually fall into?... Yeah, I've looked way too far into that...)




So where does this leave me then going forward? Well I'm currently signed off work because I cant drive plus the painkillers make me very drowsy so me, machinery and drowsy don't really mix. I reckon within a few weeks ill be back to jogging, at least walking and then obviously end game being back to running and my "Normal" self.


On an end note... this is my first time in a splint/boot/cast what ever you want to call it. Its the first time people (Who I don't know) have asked me how I've done it, how they can help ect... its amazing this Isn't the same for Mental Health. Even on a bad day, you can see someone struggling, so why not just ask "I'm sorry, I've noticed your looking upset, are you okay?" and just initiate that conversation.

You never know, you could be saving their life.


well that's the LAST BLOG POST until the NEW UPDATE to the website, those who have kept looking at the page and also new visitors, thank you for keep coming back and the support it means the world to me. Tomorrow (Monday 30th April) were looking at some big changes; some have already been put up which is my fault as I pressed the wrong button, but at some point there will be put out around social media about the changes.


Thanks for reading and ill see you all in a few days!




Stay Safe, Stay Strong!




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