Midweek running update #1

April 19, 2018

Hot hot, sun sun, sweat sweat, ouchie ouchie!


So this week in good ol' England we've been hit with a heat wave, sending temperatures up to 25 - 27 degrees Celsius; it should be against the law to be cooped up inside on a day like this; like a chicken in a battery farm. Its the kind of heat where (mostly) every "Brit" flocks to their local pub, sit in the beer garden and down a few pints while having a chat with friends and family - And also say "Ohh I like it warm, but this is too warm!"


So obviously, during my lunch break I had to sit outside and hit the rays and have a laydown on the sports field; Weird to think that only a few weeks ago, we were crippled by -10 degree temperatures and a torrent of snow!!




Knocking off time came and on went the running gear, new NIKE running top which is a step into the unknown as I like my Adidas running long sleeve which is fine as its a bit baggy due to the recent weight loss; but this one was short sleeve and well not tight, arguably its a perfect fit.


Leaving the gym, anxiety kicked in and my head was flooded with thoughts of "What if people see my belly?""What if it rides up?""What if it looks stupid as my shorts are still too big?" - Little did I know, the question I should have been asking was "I really hope this doesn't give me nipple chafe."

(It did, It hurt, I cried.)


But anyway, I had a nice little run outside, wasn't going hell for leather though! Took a bit of a knock on my right ankle playing football on Sunday so that's ballooned, bled and ached so needed to keep it moving but not under too much stress. To be completely honest, its new ground for me because usually when I cant run its down to other commitments and rarely injury; but also it plugged my outlet of stress which I put into my running/fitness regimen which had me slightly worried.


Question to all of you: "Is it just me, or does anyone else get grumpy when they can't go out for their usual run? Is it the same as doing something completely off from your routines?"


 So, got the run complete. all in all was a really nice run; sunshine, headphones in with one of the best playlists blaring out and just sat at a nice gentle pace (Playlist link will be at the bottom of this entry). Better than the usual freezing cold, nipples could cut glass and slowly becoming a human popsicles as the train barriers were usually down after a mile lap!


It was a great feeling of being back in control of my anxiety too! Who is anyone else to think they have a say In what I wear? I did stand in front of a mirror for 10 minuets deciding if I should or not, but then drive myself to think "That's what they want you to feel, Not how YOU want to feel!". I hit the start button on my Runtastic app and launched out the front doors like a dog leaving the trap chasing after the elusive rabbit around the race track. I found wearing my sun shades helped too as it made me feel, not isolated that's the wrong word, but feel comfortable; almost in my own little bubble and made me feel proud of owning what I was doing.




Don't let anxiety get in the way of how you feel or show you want to express how you are (as long as its in a safe and well, legal way.)


That was yesterday (Wednesday) so I suppose now were looking onwards to today! Believe me when I say, I cant wait for tonight! get some of that Fitamin D! (That's not a penis related joke...)


Stay calm, stay safe, Stay happy!
MentalHealthRunner x








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