Virtual running

Virtual running takes place all year around and there are many companies out there which provide this service! A virtual run is one where a medal is achieved by covering a distance. This can be done by running, walking, cycling, however! as long as you can prove the distance! can even be completed by multiple attempts over a few days!
Fantastic to get out, complete events in your own time before dedicating yourself to a full public event!


POW! Virtual running

Of all companies out there, my personal preference is POW virtual running. most of their medals have a pop culture motif from comic books to blockbuster movies, to even National holidays. They also have a community on Facebook who are very supportive to all! #TeamPow

Virtual Runner UK

Another company I have used in the past. fantastic medal designs and another fantastic Facebook community too!

Awesome Virtual Running

Another reputable Virtual running company, with their own artistic flair in their medals. They also have their own APP for evidence gathering when making a claim for your entered medal!

Ministry of Medals - Virtual Running

Another company who provides the service of virtual running.

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