Thomas Dunning - The Mental Health Runner

Passionate to share his story on his own mental health issues [PTSD - Borderline Personality Disorder - Social anxiety Disorder], Thomas is an accomplished public speaker and dedicates most of his spare time either running or spreading mental health awareness to help those who may be doing what he did in his time of need - Suffer in silence.

Since starting Mental Health Runner in May 2018, Thomas has worked non-stop while working full time as a Mechanical process technician, to bring his stories of mental health crisis to the surface in a means to inspire and motivate anyone to even just ask the question "Are you okay?" which is all to much forgotten in today's society.

His passion for Running, mental health awareness and how they are both intrinsically linked, so far has seen him nominated runner up in SUNDRIED's "Health blog of the year 2018" and has had the huge honor to join the TED talk Alumni in his speech "Surviving the fight in the war against yourself." He is now putting himself out into the world to spread the message further.

He has also since been given the accolade of "Lincolnite of the week" and featured in "Inspirational people of Lincoln 2018". Thomas has also been interviewed on ITV news, BBC Radio Lincolnshire and Lincs FM for his efforts.

If you are interested in having Thomas present a talk or any of his public speaking services please email


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